Game On Hoops

Game On Hoops Logo

Game On Hoops

Website | Graphic Design | Logo

Game On Hoops is a basketball tournament/event organizer where top Athletic Union(AAU) basketball teams and players participate.

The client wanted dynamic youthful visuals that reflect this competitive youth sport culture. With that in mind, JLDG created the website, the organization’s brand identity and all basketball tournaments’ logos.

Star Mountain Coffee

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Star Mountain Coffees

Website | Brand Identity

Star Mountain Coffees is a local market vendor offering baked pastries and gourmet coffees.

The new owners wanted to increase sales and brand recognition but they had a small budget. We start by designing a new logo and applying it on packaging label. To reduce cost, we printed on stock adhesive labels and used pre-stock coffee bags. Then we designed a simple e-commerce website in the WordPress platform using available free templates and plugin tools.

Shenandoah Valley Organic


Shenandoah Valley Organic

Website | Graphic Design

Shenandoah Valley Organic is a chicken processing and distribution company base in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It partners with varies organic chicken farms in the Shenandoah Valley regions to process and distribute chicken products to specialty market around the US.

We were tasked with developing a website that highlights this cooperative partnership as well as the organic farming lifestyle. Along this process, we also created graphic design for their product packaging.